All Plumbing Services And Repairs
For any Plumbing, Roofing, Gas and Drainage services. Wurtulla Plumbing provide a fast, one-stop solution. 24/7 Emergency Plumbers. Domestic and Commercial Plumbing Maintenance Specialists.
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Hot Water Specialists
For all Electric, Gas and Solar Hot Water Unit Replacement and Repairs. Zip/Billi Boiler Servicing and Replacements
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Blocked Drains
Specialised Equipment to clear Blocked Drains fast! CCTV Camera Inspections and Drainage Repairs.
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Sunshine Coast Plumbers And Gas Fitters

Servicing the Entire Sunshine Coast Region – North Brisbane to Gympie and the Hinterland

Specialising As Domestic, Commercial And Industrial Plumbers.

For the best plumbing service on the Sunshine Coast, trust Wurtulla Plumbing & Drainage. Call now for help (07) 5491 6746. Our friendly and experienced plumbers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Primary Plumbing Services

Blocked Drains

Plumbing Services

Blocked Drain, Leaking Tap, Running Toilet, Leaking Roof, Guttering or Downipes; Wurtulla Plumbing can do it all!

Commercial & Industrial

The resources to succeed in large projects from estimating, managing the project, to hand over of the plumbing services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Plumbing

Why Has My Water Bill Recently Gone Up So Much?

If your water bill has unexpectedly increased, it may be due to a leak somewhere on your property. You can check if this is the case by first turning off all the taps. Next you should turn off other appliances that use water, such as the washing machine and dishwasher. Once you have done that, you should check your water meter to see the reading. Then wait about fifteen minutes and check it again. Remember not to flush a toilet either while you wait. The reading should not have changed. If the meter reading has increased, there is a good chance it is due to a leak.

How Do I Find A Water Leak?

Some leaks may be easy to detect, such as a dripping tap or a running toilet. Others may be difficult to find, such as a compromised underground pipe, or a pipe in your walls. First you can do a check of all your taps and appliances. Follow this up by looking for damp or moldy areas in the walls of your home. You can also check outside for areas on the ground that are always wet. If you do not find anything, professional help from a plumber may be the next step.

How Do You Fix Underground Leaks?

Generally, there is only one way to fix a leak underground. You need to find it, dig it up and repair the pipes. If the leak is before your home, you may be able to split the cost of repair and excess water bills with Unity Water. Our Sunshine Coast plumbers can help with this process if required.

What Should I Consider A Plumbing Emergency?

A plumbing issue is always considered an emergency when it involves sewerage water. This could include overflowing, backflowing or leaking sewage drains. Other emergency plumbing situations are those that are causing damage to your property. That may be caused by a major bathroom leak, or water spurting from the ground. If you have a plumbing leak near electricity, this could also cause an emergency situation.

What Causes Pipes To Leak?

Underground pipes most often leak due to rupture by tree roots. Other pipes can begin to leak due to movement in the ground or physical contact. Another common leak is caused by flexihoses in bathrooms or kitchens bursting through poor material construction.

Can I Do My Own Gas Work?

Only a registered gasfitter is permitted to work on gas lines in Queensland. This includes installation and repair. All gas fitting work must be certified.

Can Any Plumber Install My Gas Appliances?

Again, only a registered gas fitter can install gas appliances. Not all plumbers are gas fitters. If your appliances are installed by a person who is not certified, then it mat compromise your product warranties and insurance claims in the event of damage. It is also just illegal.

How Soon Can You Replace A Hot Water System?

This will depend on the time of day and which type of hot water system you have. However, a hot water system replacement will usually take about three or four hours to remove and install. 

What Are The Most Common Plumbing Issues You Solve?

The most common residential plumbing solutions involve blocked drains, leaking taps, and the replacement of hot water systems. Then there are installations for new home and renovations.

Do You Offer Plumbing Services For Property Managers/Body Corporates?

Absolutely. We work with many large and small property managers and body corporate groups.  This is due to the fact we have a large, experienced, well trained team of plumbers on the Sunshine Coast. We have a great reputation for fast reliable service at a fair price.

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Call us and we’ll be there right away. On Call 24 HOUR Emergency Plumber Sunshine Coast To North Lakes

Our plumbing services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you need immediate plumbing solutions, give Wurtulla Plumbing & Drainage a call on (07) 5491 6746. You can also click the button below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Blocked Drain, Leaking Tap, Running Toilet, Leaking Roof, Guttering or Downipes - Wurtulla Plumbing can do it all!

  • Plumbing services and repairs

    Whether You Have a Blocked Drain, Leaking Tap, Running Toilet or Leaking Roof, Wurtulla Plumbing and Drainage can do it all

  • Water Pipe Leaks

    For all Water Pipe Leaks above and below ground, including Leak Detection Service. Our Emergency plumbers on the Sunshine Coast are always available.

  • Roofing, Gutters and Downpipes

    You can be rest assured our dedicated team of professional, experienced and fully licensed tradespeople will provide excellent service and advice

  • Backflow and TMV Certification

    For all Backflow and Thermostatic Mixing Valve Installation, Repairs and Certification

  • Our 24 Hour Call Out Option

    An extensive Maintenance division offering a 7 day, 24 Hour General Maintenance Services. Guaranteed excellent response times which include specialists in all fields

  • Blocked Drains Cleared Fast and Drain Camera Inspections

    Dedicated vehicles with trained operators and Specialised Equipment to clear your Blocked Drain without delay. CCTV Camera Inspections and Drainage Repairs

  • Sewer and Stormwater Drainage

    Wurtulla Plumbing and Drainage provides new and replacement Drainage Works

  • Gas Fitting Service

    For all gas fitting on The Sunshine Coast including installation, servicing and repairs

  • Hot Water Specialist

    For all Electric, Gas and Solar Hot Water Unit Replacement and Repairs. Zip/Billi Boiler Servicing and Replacements

  • Commercial/Industrial Plumbing Contractors

    Wurtulla Plumbing and Drainage has the dedicated and motivated team to complete all size Plumbing Contracts

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