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We are the gas fitters Sunshine Coast residents trust

Wurtulla Plumbing and Drainage have trained and qualified Gas Technicians on hand to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Whether you need to install new gas appliances for a renovation, are switching to gas, replacing a gas hot water system or anything else gas related, our team can get the job done efficiently and safely.

Call us if you need a qualified gas fitter to install any appliance, heater or other permanent gas fitting. We can also relocate most gas appliances in during a renovation. If you need an emergency gas plumber on The Sunshine Coast, then call us at any time of day or night for fast response.

What’s the Main Differences between Bottled Gas and Metered Gas?

Did you know that Gas Installations are regulated by the Queensland Department of Natural Resources & Mines. Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) or commonly known as bottled gas is not the same as natural gas and must never be used in natural gas appliances, and vice versa?

Operating an appliance on the wrong type of gas can be hazardous. Installation of domestic LPG appliances, or service and maintenance work on any part of the gas system must only be done by a licensed gasfitter. They must hold a Queensland gas work licence. We are licensed gas fitters on the Sunshine Coast.

(Reference: Department of Natural Resources and Mines)

Caution Extremely Hazardous Situation

Both gases operate at different regulator pressures and gas jet sizes. LPG operates at almost two and half times the pressure than of Natural Gas. If you connect a Natural Gas appliance with bigger jets to LPG for example, you would have a flame thrower. Needless to say you would create an extremely hazardous situation.

Who is Qualified to Carry Out any New Gas Installations and or Maintenance?

Licensed gasfitters may also be plumbers. However, not all plumbers are licensed gas fitters. A qualified gasfitter is required to issue a Gas System Compliance Certificate to the appliance owner for new installations or alterations/extensions to existing gas services. This is also the case for installation work on caravans, boats and fixed gas BBQs. It is very important for the owner to obtain and keep this certificate. Please note that gas suppliers cannot supply and connect LPG gas, unless you quote your gas compliance certificate number to them.

Our Sunshine Coast gas fitters can supply all certification required.

(Reference: Department of Natural Resources and Mines)

When Purchasing, Don’t Get Burnt

When purchasing an appliance it is extremely important to ensure that the appliance carries either a Class A or Class B certification sticker. If they do not then a licensed gas fitter cannot install these appliances unless they have additional qualifications and can certify the appliance.

It can be frustrating to either purchase a new or second hand appliance without this certification, only to find out it cannot be installed until it is certified. Even worse still, if it is unable to be certified at all, then you are stuck with it. In particular if you have purchased the appliance from overseas.

Best practice is to ensure that it has the certification before purchasing and save yourself a lot of grief.

  • As a general rule of thumb, “Type A” appliances are domestic and “Type B” are for commercial environments.
  • New appliances are typically supplied with both gas jet kits for conversion to suit the corresponding gas type. Therefore, be aware when purchasing a second hand appliance to ensure that it either has the gas jets for the gas you are looking to connect to, or that you are able to determine the correct gas jet sizes and you know where to source these from.
  • For additional information please CLICK HERE to visit the Queensland Department of Natural Resources & Mines website.

Contact our experienced gas fitters on The Sunshine Coast if you need an appliance fitted.

Our qualified gas fitters can service and install all of the following appliances

  • Gas kitchen cook tops and ovens
  • Pool and Patio Heaters
  • Hot water services (both storage and instantaneous)

Gas Compliance Testing Services and Compliance Audits
  • Change of tenancy on rental properties (Did you know that this is compulsory?)
  • Yachts & water vessels
  • Existing gas installations

We provide gas fitting services Sunshine Coast and North Brisbane home and business owners can trust. 

Most gas fitters are also plumbers. However, fewer plumbers are licensed gas fitters. Our team has all the qualifications to install any gas appliance in your home or commercial building.

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At Wurtulla Plumbing and Drainage, we have the capability to provide all the residential and commercial plumbing services you may need. From basic plumbing maintenance, through to new home fit outs. and commercial plumbing. No job is too large for our experienced industrial plumbers. We service clients on the Sunshine Coast and into North Brisbane. Some suburbs you will often see our team include 

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