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How To Find Underground Plumbing Water Leaks

A water leak can happen at any time, especially underground. A leak in your home is much easier to detect rather than an underground leak. This is because leaks in your home are often visible, resulting in in house dripping or pools of water. Underground leaks aren’t this easy to detect. You can always hire a professional to detect any leaks for you, but we encourage you to learn basic detection skills to help avoid any large future leakage problems.

Firstly, to detect an underground leak at your property, you should know how they’re caused. A couple of common causes of underground leaks include:

Soil or Water Chemicals
Underground pipes found in your house can crack or develop holes due to eroding chemicals found in both water and soil.

Natural Disasters
Natural disasters, especially earthquakes, can shift the ground. This puts a lot of pressure on the water lines, therefore can cause potential damage, resulting in underground pipe leaks.

Now you know how underground water leaks are caused, here are three simple things you should check when trying to detect one.

  1. Your Water Meters
    If you feel there is a possible water leak underground, start by turning off all your water services. This includes any washing machines and tank toilets. Once they’re all turned off, check your water meter dial for its current position, wait half an hour and check it again. If there is any change in your water position, it’s a good sign that there is a water leak that requires a professional’s attention.
  2. Your Water Bill 
    When trying to detect an underground water leak, checking your water bill is often a good indicator to determine if there is something wrong. If you’ve been using a regular amount of water each month and notice an unexpected increase in your next bill, contact a plumber. This is usually a sign that something in your water pipes isn’t quite right.
  3. Your Property 
    Random pools of water outside are one of the easiest ways to detect whether or not there is an underground leak at your property. Underground water leaks often go hand and hand with other property indicators such as a musty smell, growing mould or lush spots. If you notice any of these around your house, it is best to call a plumber straight away to fix and to avoid any potential further damages.

If you have noticed that there is an underground water leak on your property and don’t have the skills to fix it yourself, contact a plumber immediately. Underground water leaks will often start out small and if not attended to early enough, can result in serious damage to your property.

If you have a suspected underground water leak on your property, call Wurtulla Plumbing and Drainage and we’ll send over one of our plumbers to determine whether there is an issue or not right away.

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